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Variable Data Printing

Would you like higher response rates to your mailings?

Then learn about Variable print from us !
Variable print is personalised "print for one" using information that is unique to each individual recipient. Variable print uses an individual's name and personal information to create unique, individualised text within each document. Variable print also allows photos and graphics to be individualised for each document.
Heres how it increases response and pleases your customers.
Research studies have shown us that when businesses utilize full-color variable print for mailings, customers tend to respond more rapidly. Overall response rates may increase by as much as five times compared to standard mailings. Communicating to each customer as an individual strengthens loyalty and builds share of customer.
Full-colour variable print from Galaxy offset will help strengthen customer retention.
Just imagine how being treated like an individual, unique person makes you feel. Most likely, you're more apt to purchase from, and remain loyal to, that company. You'll also be more open to information they send to you because it's personalised and demonstrates how important you are to the sender
Products Variable Data Printing Types :-
Tent Cards
Self Strips
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