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Galaxy Offset
Company Profile
Vision & Mission
Ever since the dawn of time, man has constantly experimented with ways and means of telling the story of his life. From the earliest cave paintings to the latest blogs, man seems to have an innate need to express himself. And to record these expressions for posterity.
One such means of expression is printing. Ever since Gutenberg invented movable type, people have constantly devoted themselves to the refi ning of the printing process. Some think of printing as an art. Others consider it a science. At Galaxy Offset, however, we approach it from a philosophy which is a mix of both schools of thinking.

Should you wish to know more about the production values we subscribe to, I would be honoured to take you around our printing facility. This would also allow me the opportunity to show you our latest acquisition - a brand new Heidelberg SM 74, 5 col. with Coater (20”x29”) machine - the only one of its kind in North India with any commercial printing house and a brand new Ryobi 924, 4 Col. Machine (25”x36”). This would also be the time to introduce you to our team and the infrastructure which supports it. For the time being, I have enclosed an attachment which gives you an idea of the infrastructure that we have in place and also list of our Esteemed Customers.

Services At
Galaxy Offset
Galaxy Offset provides a complete
service for mailing and fulfillment,
managing every aspect of the delivery
service as required by our customers.
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New plant
at Manesar
The new plant at IMT Manesar, boasting of more than 50000 sq feet space is getting ready to welcome the newly.
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